Cirque Alchemy collection review!

Hi guys!
I'm leaving for The Netherlands in 3 days! Only one more day at work tomorrow and I'll spend Thursday doing some last minute shopping and packing :O I haven't really had time to schedule posts this time so I'll probably just share my trip with you but in the meanwhile I do have a very exciting collex : Cirque Alchemy!

The Cirque Alchemy collection consists of 3 holos, 3 shimmers, 3 glitters and a glitter topper.
Formula was pretty much stellar on all of these : butter smooth, pigmented and packed with particles.

Chrysopoeia is a bright yellow base gold linear holo. I have tried tons of gold yellows but nothing comes close to this one : so intense and saturated in color! I used 2 coats and no topcoat.

Mink is a beautiful chocolate brown with a strong linear holo effect. I'm not a brown fan but I loved it in the bottle and even more on my nails! This is 2 coats, no topcoat or special base coat either.

Magnum Opus is a deep charcoal grey linear holo with a strong purple flash. It's just the perfect shade of grey for a holo and the extra shimmer adds a beautiful glow. Coats used : 2 and no topcoat.

Baptisia is a smooth blurple shimmer scattered with micro shimmer sparkles. You're probably get tired of me saying this today but it's just beautiful! Again, 2 coats were used in the swatches below.

Arcane Fire is a deep ruby red with a strong gold shimmer / micro glitter mix. I think this one pretty much speaks for himself... Love! This is also 2 coats plus topcoat.

Lichen is a complex olive green with a faint green/blue duochrome and a mix of gold and copper shimmers. Another gorgeous 2 coater.

Ica Valley is a dense champagne gold glitter mix in a clear base. It's very opaque on its own and reaches full coverage with 2 coats but I used 3 thin coats for macro purposes.

Stella is a mix of antique rose / rose gold glitters in a clear base, very similar to Ica Valley in terms of glitter size and density. I also used 3 thin coats but it looked good with 2 coats.

Chainmail is the third "opaque" glitter in the collection : dark gunmetal grey glitters mixed with holographic pieces, just perfect! Again, 3 thin coats used below.

And finally Vectors is a black glitter topper. Clear scattered holo base packed with so many shapes and sizes : I can see see squares, hexes, diamonds, stars, dots, bars,... Glitter pay-off was excellent and I didn't need to fish any pieces out.

Overall :
Alchemy is yet another beautiful and sophisticated collection. I'd really want to give you my top picks but I'd end up listing 90% of them and that probably wouldn't be so helpful...

Did you try any of these? What's your favorite Cirque color?

The Alchemy collection can be purchased on or through international stockists worldwide and retails for $13-$15 each.

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