China Glaze Crinkled Chrome collection review

Hi guys! How was your weekend? 
I know it's "only" early February but I already can't wait for Winter to be over! Maybe then, I'll be able to do something else than sleep all weekend LOL

Today I have the China Glaze Crinkled Chrome collection to show you. My absolute favorite metallic collection ever being the ever the ChG khromes,  I can say that was both excited and really curious about these. Let's just give them a closer look!

Aluminate : cool silver crinkled metallic
1 coat

 I’m A Chromantic : baby pink crinkled metallic
1 coat

Crush, Crush Baby : powder purple crinkled metallic
1 coat

Iron Out The Details : icy blue crinkled metallic
1 coat

 Don’t Be Foiled : soft teal crinkled metallic
1 coat

Wrinkling The Sheets : light powder green crinkled metallic
1 coat

Formula was on the thick but really easy to work with, super fast drying and completely opaque on the first coat. As for the "crinkled" effect, I did find it a bit weird at first, to be entirely honest, especially as a full mani but I kind of warmed up to them now. I'll definitely be using them for accents in the future.
My picks : Aluminate, Don't Be Foiled, Iron Out Details and Wrinkling The Sheets.

How do you feel about this collection? Have you tried any of them? 
I wonder if they'd work for stamping... I need to try that as soon as I receive my new stamper/scraper!


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