Colors by LLarowe Overboard Summer 2015 Collection swatches & review

Hi guys!
Tomorrow is the Colors by Llarowe Summer collection launch, Overboard, inspired by the namesake movie. The collection consists of 15 polishes, cremes, holos, shimmers, glass flakes,...

I didn't experience any issues with any of these, formula was really nice on the whole set. I tried to represent them to the best of my abilities but please bear in mind that most are chameleons and can appear very different depending on the lighting or your skin tone.

Aqua blue green linear holo
2 coats

Light tiffany blue creme
2 coats

light aqua creme with violet shimmer and scattered holo
2 coats

Bad Billy Pratt
Deep, rich teal green linear holo
2 coats

Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh
Periwinkle blue jelly base with intense violet shimmer and micro flake
2 coats

silver linear holo with very light blue to lavender undertones and golden pink shimmer
2 coats

Falsetto Child
Black holo that changes undertones with the lighting : green, blue,...?
2 coats

Deep navy to green duo chrome with intense green shimmer 
2 coats

with matte topcoat:

Helluva Day at Sea Sir
Milky lucite green creme
2 coats

Hillbilly Harlot
Neon coral creme with subtle pink shimmer
2 coats

Rich gold intense linear holo
2 coats

creamy light sky blue aqua creme with intense violet shimmer
2 coats

Mean Dean Profitt
Bright teal linear holo with teal and turquoise shimmer
2 coats

No, I'm Still Tacky
Bright cherry red holo with lighter red glow and a touch of magenta
2 coats

Schwartzman & Heineken
bright peach creme
3 coats

The Colors by LLarowe Overboard Summer 2015 Collection will be available for pre-order tomorrow Monday June 15th on from 1pm to 8pm MDT.
Individual prices vary from $6 to $12, full set retails for $141.

Make sure to follow Llarowe on Facebook for more information and visit the Colors by Llarowe page for more swatches.

Will you be getting some of these?
I'm currently wearing Hillbilly Harlot so that one's a must have in my book. My other top picks : Andrew, Arturo, Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh (another fave!) and Katarina.


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