Rescue Beauty Lounge The Bloggers' 3.0 collection swatches & review

If you're a true ReBeL, a new blogger or fan collection is a HUGE deal!
Today is the official unveiling of the Bloggers' 3.0 collection, aka the "newbie" bloggers as Ji calls them so affectionately and I'm super excited to be able to share all these beautiful colors and inspirations. 

"Introducing The Bloggers’ Collection 3.0.
As far as an RBL ritual goes, making your dream colors come true is our jam. At long last, here are the five winners from the #iWant2reviewRBL bloggers’ contest. I had the honor of taking the colors these bloggers dreamed up and creating 5 ultimate nail polish colors. This was the culmination of a whole year of tweaking and adjusting until we got it just right. Yes, it took a long time, but we have zero regrets. These are seriously beautiful colors.
I told you that this would be the year of 3.0!" Ji Baek

Formula was simply flawless, as you would expect from RBL. The four creme based were actually crellies and required 2 coats for complete coverage while I found the shimmer highly pigmented and probably a one coater on short and/or narrow nails.

Morning Light

“Periwinkle/Forget-me-not blue was one of my dad's favorite colors. He used that tone a lot in his paintings before he passed away. I love it paired with a soft, golden shimmer or micro glitter. This painting, called Morning Light, inspired the polish. A light, cool blue, with a bit of pale gold light coming through.” Yukie from warmvanillasugar0823

"Yukie’s father’s painting moved me deeply. I actually heard a voice inside my head saying, “Ji Baek, don’t mess this up.” Yes, that added some extra pressure, but it led us to the glorious Morning Light. This polish is a cream-jelly hybrid, a grayed-out blue periwinkle with the most delicate stardust spray of gold shimmer. Imagine waking at the first golden light of morning to see the exquisitely thin petals of Forget-me-nots gingerly showered in early morning dew."


Refined and Polished

“My dream polish would be coral (more peach or orange-leaning, but not red) with turquoise and gold glass flecks or shimmer. This is a timeless combo that works so well for clothing, accessories, and makeup.” Lakeisha

When I first saw Lakeisha’s board, I felt a bit ill. I wanted to hide and go grab a drink in the middle of the afternoon. How do I make this color happen without an epic fail? How do I isolate this turquoise from a cream base coral without it bleeding and turning into a dark, muddy mess? After a mad amount of tries, I did it! I took a crème-jelly hybrid with a very stubborn pigmentation weight-adjusting period and added sparkling three-dimensional glitter-like particles. We’re a tad obsessed with it. You may find it’s a bit weird in the bottle, but trust me, the coral and turquoise are in perfect harmony.

“Idea7) Microshimmer in cream base, formula like –“Jack.” Valesha

"Valesha gave me very specific color directions and yes, you read this right, she sent me numerous submissions because some of them were technically impossible. Nevertheless, I’m just thrilled that we went in this direction, a new one for the RBL family; we have nothing like this color AT ALL. If you took a combination of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, mushed and mixed them together and topped this mixture with gold, pink, blue and orange shimmering powders, what you would get is this elegant color. It's not too dark, not too light, but an elusive medium tone that speaks to everyone. With a streak-less satin finish that’s a dream to apply, this one is definitely a new RBL classic."


"All the Turks & Caicos photos are my own! I included the RBL shimmers I adore. I'd like it to be a light, dusty aqua base with a mix of your famous fantastic shimmer :D” Victoria

"Who can argue with the color of lovely, tantalizing island water all-year round? A wee bit darker then our beloved Bikini Bottom, this color has a hint of a green overtone in this fantastical crème-jelly hybrid formula. And of course, like the waters by Turks & Caicos which brilliantly shimmer in the sultry sunlight, this polish is jammed-packed with micro-blue, purple, and green shimmers that will mesmerize."


“My perfect shade would be almost if Piu Mosso and IKB 2012 had a child. Not quite as inky as Piu Mosso or as creme-like in its finish, but with some of IKB's vibrant jelly-like properties (but more purple). I picture it containing large gold particles instead of Piu Mosso's fine, coppery shimmer. In fact, perhaps even bigger than the gold flakes in Naked Without Polish, but sparse enough to not overwhelm the base color. I am imaging a color that is regal, guilty of hubris (that is, if a color could even be accused of such a thing), something simply exquisite like a lapis lazuli gold filigree necklace.” Mimi

"Ok, so the gold flakes looked way too much and it was clumping, and the base color was so perfect that we didn’t want the gold flakes to bleed and make it into a light blue with golden shimmers. Like the description, it’s Piu Mosso and IKB:2012’s baby, but we added a somethin- somethin special: magical copper and fuchsia micro shimmer. This color comes alive! It’s the perfect inky medium-blue jelly hybrid."

The Rescue Beauty Lounge The Bloggers' 3.0 collection will be available for pre-order for 48 hours starting 06/22 on (international shipping).

So what do you think about this new round on Bloggers' collaborations? Any favorites?
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