NEW at Harlow&co : KBShimmer Summer 2017 All The Bright Moves and Multi Chromes collections!

Hi guys!
Are you ready for Summer collections?!! Well I am and let me tell you that the KBShimmer and Harlow & Co. teams definitely are this year too because they're releasing not 1 but 2 Summer collections. Let's give them all a closer look!

All The Bright Moves is a neon highlighter yellow creme.

Please Don't Glow Girl is a neon orange creme.

Color Me Rad is a neon watermelon creme.

Let's Be Frank is a neon purple creme.

Double Pog Dare You is a neon blue creme.

Race Against Slime is a neon green creme.

It's A Blazing is a burgundy red to bronze to orange color-shifting shimmer.

Puns And Roses is a pink to gold to green color-shifting shimmer.

Chroma Chameleon is a fuchsia pink to gold to green color-shifting shimmer.

Wine Not is a burgundy to purple to gold to bronze color-shifting shimmer.

Iridescent Exposure is a teal to cyan to blue to purple color-shifting shimmer.

Flip Flop Hooray is an emerald green to teal to  navy to purple color-shifting shimmer.

Overall :
These two collections couldn't be more different. From typical Summer neons to deep multichromes, you will definitely find something up your alley.
My personal favorites : Color Me Rad, Please Don't Glow Girl, Wine Not and Flip Flop Hooray.

The KBShimmer All The Bright Moves and Multi Chromes collections are currently available at Harlow&Co.
Individual polishes retail for CAD$12.50 each, i.e. approx. $9.35 / 8.80€ / £7.5 (free shipping over $25 within Canada, over $50 in the US and over $100 for international customers).

Thanks for looking guys!


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